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3 Ways To Grow Your Golf Course's Revenue

What would you do if you had twice as many golfers on your tee sheet each day?


But if you are like most golf courses today, you are struggling to survive, while your competition thrives.


Think that's cause they are smarter than you? 


Better than you?  


Harder working?  


Of course not!


So what does this golf course know about business that you don’t?


What’s their secret mutant power, and how is this fair?


The fact isn’t fair!


If you deliver the best products & services, you should win, right?


Unfortunately, that’s NOT how things work.


Business just isn’t fair.


That’s why, in today’s market, you have to learn to play with an unfair advantage.


Chances are your competition simply stumbled upon one of the only three ways to grow any business...


Number one, they may be getting more customers than you. 


Obviously, if you could get more customers, your business would grow, right? 


Of course it would!


But it isn’t that simple.


Or is it?


At Golf Marketer, we’ve identified forty seven customer-getting methods.  (There’s even one called the “Football Phone Method” that regularly triples sales) 


Now imagine if you used this same “football phone” technique to find three times as many customers. Seemingly overnight your business would grow by a cool three hundred percent.


That’s TRIPLE!


Not a bad start! 


Second, they may be making more profit per sale than you are. But what if you knew the “McDonald’s Secret” to triple your profit on every sale.


Compound that with all those new customers, and your sales would rise by nine hundred percent. (Now we’re really getting somewhere)


And third, they may be getting their customers to come back more often than you are. But what if you knew the “Starbucks Secret” of getting your customers to come back like a boomerang... at least three times more often to buy.


Do the math... 


Get those new, free-spending customers to buy from you three times as often, and you'd grow your enterprise by twenty seven hundred percent.  


Twenty seven hundred percent! 


And, yes, that's a really big number.  May be hard to believe.  But check this out... 


If you do just an average job at getting more customers, maximize the profit from each customer & you get those customers to buy more often, tripling your sales becomes pretty attainable. 


And doubling becomes practical.


So how do you get more customers, maximize profit & get them to come back more often?


At Golf Marketer, we leverage forty seven methods to help you get massive amounts of new customers.


We explode the profits of every sale you make in thirteen different ways...


...and we have another thirteen ninja tricks to get your customers to come back like a boomerang.


Add it up, and that’s seventy three different ways you can use to double revenue at your golf course and get ahead of your competition.


And we want to show you all seventy three!!!


Just talk to your Golf Marketer rep, and they'll score your business with our detailed, seventy-three point checklist covering all three of the business growth factors you just learned about.


If you like what you hear and you want our help implementing the business-doubling tricks we check off, we’d obviously love to have you as a client.


Either way, you’ll have a plan of action for growing your business absolutely free.


Why would we do all this for free?


Simply put, we want to show you we actually know what we’re talking about.


We call this, “Value In Advance”...


...and it’s what we’re all about here at Golf Marketer.


We know that after you see all the untapped potential just sitting in your business, you’ll want to hire us to help you implement those opportunities so you can get the benefit (without having to do all the work).


When you do hire us, we cost way, way less than a bad employee, we don’t call in sick we do track ROI like a hawk.


But today, we’re talking about a seventy-three point business-doubling checklist, and it’s yours free no matter what.


Again, the seventy-three point double-your-sales checklist and review is easy, free and powerful...


All you have to do is click the button below to schedule a call with a Golf Marketer rep...




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