Done For You Marketing Funnels

We help golf courses take control of their tee sheet.



How It Works

We use a 3 step process to turn cold prospects into loyal customers:



  • Lead Generation

    We use online advertising media like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads to drive traffic to landing pages. Not only do we setup the campaigns, we also build the landing pages, build the lead magnets & optimize the campaigns so you get more leads without spending more money.

  • Customer Acquisition

    Leads are no good unless you can turn them into cash. We will write your sales letter & build a sales funnel to convert prospects into buyers & optimize the conversion rate so you get more buyers to buy. In addition, we will segment your leads & buyers so that you know who are best qualified for your sales team.

  • Follow Up

    Successful companies credit about 60% of their sales volume to following up. That is why they say "the gold is in the followup". Once you have a database full of segmented prospects & customers, you can offer them additional products & services. Not only will they be more likely to purchase because you are staying top of mind, they will have more products & services to purchase... increasing your margins dramatically.

What Makes Us Different

Our goal is to double your sales. We find the low hanging fruit & capitalize on it so you can profit quickly. Then we look for the next best opportunity & the next best & repeat until you have doubled sales. To ensure growth, we track, analyze & report the following metrics at every stage of the funnel:

Optin Rate

The percentage of landing page visitors that optin to your email list.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of leads that buy the immediate offer & upsells.


Total monthly expenses required to run this system.


Total number of sales dollars attributable to this system.



And possibly the best part... it's all done for you. We handle every bit of the system so you can add another stream of revenue without all of the hassle. This gives you more control of your tee sheet, a more valuable golf course & a better home life.

Next Step

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