Quick Cash Opportunity

Let me show you how to generate quick cash

using the resources you already have.

Nick Graff

From the desk of Nick Graff

Chicago, IL

Dear Golf Course Owner,


Most golf courses today are struggling to survive.


They don't have control of their tee sheet.


And even when they have plenty of golfers...

Profit Margins Are Thin

They know they need marketing, but nothing seems to work. There is too much to know & competition is gaining ground.


So they rely on discount tee time services and margins get thinner... and aggravation gets higher.


Sometimes they wonder why they got into the golf business in the first place.


But they know...

There Is Always A Way

And I believe I have the BEST way!


My name is Nick Graff.


I have been a marketer since 2002... full time since 2009.


I am new to the golf industry, but not new to marketing.


I am here today to make you an irresistible offer...


A win-win.


We need each other!


Marketing agencies are expensive, team members are hard to train & you certainly don't have the time to master marketing yourself.


So leverage me.

Let Me Show You A Way To Take Your Current Database And Turn It Into Profit Within 1 Month

I am starting up a group of golf course owners like you who need a hand-up.


They are having the same challenges as you... email lists, CRM software, spreadsheets, phone lists, business cards, Facebook comments, Yelp reviews & more sources of data than you know what to do with.


And I am going to show you additional sources that you are not even thinking about.


I know how to turn old, rancid prospects & customers into a profitable stream of income which you can use for vacation, debt, more marketing or spend as you please.


All you have to do is spend a month with us & I will show you my 4 part system. At the end of the 4-week workshop, you will walk away with a marketing system you can use in perpetuity. Now you can start doing something with the leads you collect in the pro-shop, online, at trade shows, etc. It's a followup system designed to turn cold prospects into loyal customers.


If your cost to acquire a customer is $100 and if you have just a hundred past customers that you can re-engage, you are sitting on at least $10,000 in potential revenue... but my research says you have a lot more built up than that... probably closer to 100k in un-mined database gold.


So why spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing to acquire new customers, when you are sitting on a gold mine?


With my system...

  • You need little to no cash for advertising.

  • You need little to no cash for technology.

  • You need little to no cash for content.

You will start making money from my system within 30 days or I will refund your money.


And over the course of the next year, you can expect to turn that into 10k-100k in real, spendable cash.


Your biggest expense is my training... which I am offering to you at a 50% discount because this is my first group & I need your feedback. 


For more information on my process, pricing, start date & workshop agenda, click the button below & my system will email you the spec sheet.

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